Brazilian-born artist Sandra Javera’s talents range from line drawings and illustration to sculptural work, including a recent focus on ceramics. She often begins with a sketch in her notebook, where her dynamic and conceptual ways of thinking are explored. She cites her degree in architecture and urbanism among her influences, “My architecture background led me to explore images with three dimensions and also led me to ceramics, where I can continue to explore the relationship between shape and space on a small scale.” Javera’s influences extend to the work of ceramist Shino Takeda and even to the texts and narratives she encounters. “In both drawings and ceramics, playing with the elements and their composition is what interests me the most,” she says.

Working with ceramics has also affected her creative process in surprising ways. Ceramics require multiple steps to produce, and patience is an essential component. While much of the process is fixed, Javera must give up some control. The finished products often change drastically from her initial drawings due to imagination, continued investigation of space, and unexpected chemical reactions that might take place in the kiln. No matter the medium, her unique consideration of space and art gives Javera’s work a distinct beauty. 

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