Balancing art and minimalism with technology and functionality, Maxime Germain’s latest creation, Mado, brings a new concept to lighting design. In a society where people are increasingly reliant on screens, switches, and programming to access internet data, Mado produces artistic and beautiful light based on current weather.

Mado, which means ‘window’ in Japanese, reflects the object’s commitment to bringing the outdoors in and creates a unique space throughout the day. Beginning with the gentle hues of dawn, the lamp turns on automatically in the morning and uses an internet connection to mimic the colors of the sky outside—all in real time.

Germain’s interest in using technology to reduce the need for user interaction was a driving force behind the project. “Mado is a new way to approach technology that aligns with our daily life,” he says, “and it redefines the channels through which we receive information.” It’s an exciting moment in design when technology and beauty come together in such an innovative way, and Mado is an industry standout.