As a former retail business owner and restaurant partner, Lori Hon was often unsatisfied by the music options available for her spaces. “We tried a number of music services but they never seemed to work,” Hon says. Not content to settle, she brainstormed solutions with current business partner Paul Marais, and Gray V was born.

Gray V curates playlists for restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores, and more. Their website offers a sampling of their work and whether it’s “5:30am: Gotham Gym” or “2:10pm: Innovative Dining,” the listener is transported to another time and place. Hon and her team take care to consider every element of sound design, and while they encourage feedback and collaboration with clients throughout the process they are just as capable when a project is left entirely in their hands.

Photographer Martin Crook worked to capture the essence of Gray V the same way Gray V captures the essence of a brand. Crook explores people and businesses from angles not often seen, showcasing the beauty found in small moments. Through photography and film, even animated GIFs, his images often appear to be still though they are subtly moving. He documents what goes on behind the scenes, presenting viewers with unexpected narratives. In the case of Gray V, this meant photographing everything from the spaces they design sound for to the artists who make the music to the records they make.

Gray V sets the industry standard and naturally blends music into a space while echoing and elevating the brand and enhancing customer experience. “We wanted to be the company that someone could turn to for expertise in an area that’s often subjective and hard to pin down, to be able to offer them seamless and eclectic playlists,” Hon says. “Great music should be everywhere and there’s really no excuse anymore not to pay attention to this element of business, no matter what that business is.”

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Photography by Martin Crook