Peru is a country rich in history, culture, and food. With traditional and local ingredients influenced by the country’s diverse population and geography, every dish is a multicultural journey.  Photographer Bri Johnson traversed Peru’s deserts, mountains, and coastlines discovering unique and mouthwatering flavors along the way.

Menus across the region contain dishes like confit guinea pig with Peruvian potato pie,  quinoa-breaded and deep-fried local cheese with mango chili and cilantro, raw cashew cheesecake with mango ginger mint and strawberry balsamic sauces, and even quinoa beer. 

In recent years Lima, the country’s capital, has become internationally known in the culinary world with many chefs and restaurants offering innovative techniques applied to traditional ingredients. Whether its whole grains in the Andes or ceviche on the coast, every dish is a flavorful adventure that reflects Peru’s past, present, and future.

In NYC, Pio Pio is our go to spot for ceviche, camarones Cuzco, and refreshing pisco cocktails. Buen provecho!

Photography by Bri Johnson