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The Angle on Marjo-Riitta Härkönen, Makeup Artist

SPECIALIZE IN: Creating fabulous looks. 

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS: Adventurous, imaginative, honest.

TAKE US THROUGH YOUR TYPICAL DAY: Depends on if I’m working or not! On a shooting day, I’m up at dawn, choose something comfortable to wear for a long day on the set, and run out the door with my kits and bags. And how quickly a work day goes, whether I’m on location, outdoors, in a studio, or on a film set. The looks are decided at the start of the day and I go on from there. After a long day running around, some time to relax is welcome. You’ll find me on my comfy sofa with iPad in hand, catching up with world news, friends, and family.

WHAT’S YOUR CREATIVE SPACE LIKE: My creative space is wherever my makeup bags are. It can be anything from an industrial studio in the city to a sandy beach on a faraway island.

WHOSE WORK IN YOUR FIELD DO YOU MOST ADMIRE: The world is full of fantastic, creative makeup and hair artists. Thanks to the Internet, I can explore and savor the breathtaking work of people all over the world. Honestly, I don’t think of myself as being influenced by any one person or a small group of people—I find myself influenced by the universe of creative people.

INSPIRATIONS OUTSIDE OF YOUR DISCIPLINE: I’m inspired by the people in the big cities, and there’s nothing like people-watching in NYC. There are so many stories, so many different ways to be. However, I’m from Finland, with its thousands lakes and millions of trees—so spending time with nature is essential for my body and soul. The feelings I get from the silence of an isolated place, the scent of the trees and breathing such pure air refreshes one’s outlook like nothing else.

FAVORITE PLACE: I’ve traveled extensively since I was a teenager, enjoying so many different countries and cultures. Beautiful and perfect Scandinavia is my home ground, South Europe is my never-ending crush, Asia is fascinating, Australia is just awesome and the US, my new home country is—well, my favorite place to be right now! As the saying goes: “Wherever I hang my hat is home.”

GUILTY PLEASURE: Ice cream! Any flavor, any type. I’m always willing to have my arm twisted.

IF YOU COULD SHARE A MEAL OR A DRINK WITH ANYONE IN HISTORY, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO WOULD IT BE: Hmmm. I’d love to see Marilyn Monroe up close. Behind the scenes with her, out of the reach of cameras, yes please! But…as my first choice, I’m going to go with Sigmund Freud. I have a feeling it would be a very long lunch, but I’d learn an awful lot about myself and those around me.

DREAM TRAVEL DESTINATION: Maldives are on my bucket list. I love warm and sunny places in the winter time, and in the summer—Scandinavia, Canada or anywhere up north is the ticket. I love magnificent mountains, gorges, lakes, and trees.

ACUTE OR OBTUSE: I’ll take acute. 

SURPRISE US: I have a major thing for strong, salty licorice. It’s the Finn in me. So, basically, my favorite sweet is ammonium chloride. Sounds crazy, right?

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