CoCre builds upon traditional methods of charity by connecting givers and resources with those in need, using community and storytelling as a platform. Their innovative ideas are rooted in creating solutions, and crowdsourcing those solutions is key to their forward-thinking mission. Here, co-founder Erin Ralph talks more about CoCre’s beginnings, and their visions for the future.

How did CoCre come to be? 

We live in an age of connection, which has exploded into crowd-funding, crowdsourcing and the instant exchange of ideas. It’s a good time to use our diversity and abundance of resources to make the world a better place. Everyone on this planet could have their needs met, and innovations to pressing issues will emerge if we work together. For CoCre, this means providing a virtual home for people, companies, and communities to co-create real-time solutions.

What personal experiences motivated you to get involved in giving back? 

I’m fortunate to have watched my mom give back and share herself with others in so many beautiful ways, and I’m grateful to have inherited those qualities myself. Human beings are drawn to helping others, and we instinctually want to take action when we see someone (or something) suffering. I tend to see the potential in any circumstance, and I’m particularly drawn to working with those who are interested in the progression of wellbeing and humanity, as well as the protecting the natural world.

Sometimes finding a way to give back can feel overwhelming. There are so many people, places, and movements that need our attention. What’s a good place to start?

First, remove any expectations as far as what “giving back” means. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed! You are acknowledging an urge to help the many causes that need it and the readiness to take the next steps. One of the beautiful things about our world is that we all have different strengths and interests, so not everyone is going to feel overwhelmed by the same thing. You can move toward what calls you and investigate the ways you can help. We often think of donating time or money to local organizations, which is always helpful if you have the means to do so. And of course, spreading the word about any cause is a great way to raise awareness and contribute to a solution. But giving can take many forms and you may find yourself able to offer ideas, time, airline miles, skills, supplies, physical space, or even your professional network. Get creative and have fun with it!

What can we do to support CoCre?

Tell your friends! And if you want to be apart of our community, you can pre-register at

Calling all thinkers and tinkerers, givers and gamers, builders and disrupters, poets and prophets, physicists and philosophers, artists and producers, moguls and mavens, teachers and healers – whatever form you feel fits. Come bring your wit and wisdom to see what solutions and innovations we can brew up to co-create an even greater world for us all!