LING Skin Care is one of the best kept secrets behind the flawless skin of actresses, supermodels, and industry elite. With hydration as one of its core principles, founder Ling Chan integrates Asian beauty principles into her collection that both treats and prevents skin imperfections. The results speak for themselves, and here Ling shares some of her best tips for keeping skin healthy and hydrated year-round.


What are some of the biggest skincare mistakes we make? 

Misdiagnosing our own skin type, and then using the wrong products to further exacerbate problem areas and cause an imbalance in our oil glands. Our skin is either dry, normal to combination, or oily. It’s important to accurately diagnose skin type and understand what causes dryness, t-zone oiliness, or excessive shine. Any skin type can suffer from dehydration, which can contribute to two major problems: dryness and excess oil production.

How should our skincare routines change with seasons? 

Additional hydration should always be added to skin regimens during the fall and winter, but hydration is important year-round and it is crucial to apply our Replenishing Hydrator and protective moisturizers.

What is one small change people can make to jumpstart their skincare regimen? 

Add an exfoliating peel, like our Spotlight Papaya Resurface Peel, to help the skin rejuvenate itself. Exfoliating away the top barrier of dead skin cells enables active skin ingredients and moisturizers to infuse effectively into the skin.

What are some essential LING products everyone should have in their medicine cabinet? 

Our Dual Moisture EmulsionTriple Action Exfoliator, Sparkling Makeover Mask, and Oxygen Plasma Glow are all signature Ling formulations designed to instantly revive the skin – especially in a skin emergency!

Can you share a few other tips?

One key tip to achieve a healthy complexion is to avoid eating and drink less water late at night, as these habits will cause bloating, water retention, and puffiness in our face the next day. And of course, a monthly facial regimen is essential. The full skin cycle is 28 days, and during those days our pores are filled with dead cells and impurities which can cause acne, dull skin tone, and limits in the effectiveness of our skin regimen. A Ling facial every month helps to thoroughly clean and purify all our facial pores and ensures our daily regimen on products is used on fresh skin and not an accumulation of dead cells.