AIR: Some flowers rely on the wind, not insects, for cross-pollination.
H20: Approximately 71% of the earth is covered by water.
METAL: Gold has therapeutic properties that include reducing inflammation and pain.
EARTH: The earth is not round, but an imperfect oblate spheroid whose shape can shift when the mass of the earth changes.
FIRE: Flames vary in color and temperature depending on what is burning.

Photography by Dominic Neitz
Styling by Helen Barbieri
Hair by Alexandra Andrade
Makeup by Ren Nobuko
Florist: Quine Floral by Claire McKimmmie
Model: Yuli, Elite
Produced by The Angle Agency
Air: Club Monaco dress
Water: Halston Heritage dress, Kryolan Creme eye shadow, Hourglass Nude #4 lips, Tom Ford contour.
Metal: Maje sequin tank, Stila liquid eyeline, Hourglass Nude #2 lips, Dolce & Gabbana contour, Speedball Simple Leaf gold leaf.
Earth: Joie top, Tom Ford eye shadow, Cocoa Mirage quad, Dolce & Gabbana contour, Kevyn Aucoin lips.
Fire: Reiss red dress, Ben Nye creme and eye shadow, MAC powder shadow, Hourglass Nude #4 lips.