In ‘Transformation Through Time’ creative director and stylist Julia Morris reshapes personal history into modern and fashion-forward headpieces. Morris‘ collection is inspired by headbands passed down from her Ukrainian grandmother as well as the vitality and eccentricities of New York City.

Supported by photographer Emily Soto’s romantic and flawless pictures, the project honors the beauty and spirituality of an ancient Slavic culture as it transforms traditions into fresh, bold, and creative designs. To create the haunting and evocative portraits in the series, Soto used a Petzval Art Lens and processed the images through Polaroid negatives. The images were then transferred, scanned, enlarged, and printed on archival Hahnemühle German etching  fine art paper.

Celebrating the past as part of the present is an essential component of embracing change, and leads us toward a Transformation Through Time. See the transformation in person while it is on display at Beautique in NYC , where the sleek and romantic decor echoes the beauty of the photographs.


Stying & Creative Direction by Julia Morris
Photography by Emily Soto
Hairstyling by Andrita Renee
Makeup by Alyssa Lorraine
Model: Ruthie Hanan, Marilyn NY
Bustiers: Va Bien