The Brave Collection fuses contemporary design with ancient inspiration to create beautiful jewelry that embraces bravery in light of Cambodia’s storied past.

Brave was founded by Jessica Hendricks who, while studying abroad in Southeast Asia through NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, was particularly struck by the juxtaposition of Cambodia’s beautiful landscapes and violent history. The experience brought her entrepreneurial spirit and design skills together to produce a unique line of jewelry including their signature bracelet, which spells “brave” in the Cambodian alphabet.

The entire collection is hand woven and uses traditional Cambodian methods of metalworking. In addition to providing above-average wages and a safe work environment to their artisans, the company offers benefits such as health insurance and stipends for their children’s education. Also important to The Brave Collection are continued efforts to fight the long-standing problem of human trafficking in Cambodia, and ten percent of all profits are donated to the cause.

Empowering local women roots the company in their goals of celebrating bravery and courage in women across the globe. “Traveling through Cambodia I met with so many amazing non-profits that were some of the world’s most vulnerable,” Hendricks says. “However, I found very few dignified jobs for a large population of talented, capable, and creative people who lack only in opportunity. This is where Brave comes in—we partner with an incredible group of artisans to produce a collection that tells a story and celebrates this unique and gorgeous culture.”